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We are the best option for the repair and sale of industrial, marine and vehicular engines from 50 to 2500 horsepower, American and European . Specialists in Cummins, Detroit and Caterpillar.

We have a laboratory for diesel injectors and pumps.

We've got it covered

With over 50 years in the diesel engine industry, we have the experience to deliver service excellence. Our rebuilt engines leave with 0 hours.

Imagine buying a brand new engine or engine part for half the cost of going into a dealership. That's what you get with remanufactured diesel engines and remanufactured components.

We have a wide range of components and parts such as heads, monoblocks, connecting rods, bellhousings, crankshafts, flywheels, gears, pumps, shafts, etc.

Diesel Engines and Components WITH WARRANTY

Large stock of engines and components so lead times are short.

Warranty Engine Rebuilds

Sale of Components for Diesel Engines

In our warehouse there are more than 50 engines ready for your needs.

Mechanical and electronic injectors with Coomon Rail system.

We have more than 30 power generators up to 1000kw in stock.

We specialise in Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar engines.

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These are the services we provide from our workshops in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

General rectification of blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods, heads for any diesel engine.

Assembly of Mechanical and Electronic Motors.

Dynamometer testing up to 2500 HP.

50 to 2500 HP

Turbocharger Sales and Rebuilds

Diesel Injectors

Laboratory for diesel injectors and pumps

 Monoblock Recovery Service

Special welding for monoblock recovery

In such repair we offer you a 100% guarantee for an unlimited period of time under normal operating conditions.

This service undergoes a rigorous process of surface preparation and total restoration by applying a special alloy and giving it the necessary time for perfect adhesion, leaving a one-piece finish again.

Rebuilding of propulsion shafts with metco system

For coating with different materials such as stainless steel, bronze and any industrial parts requiring coating.

Monobloc or connecting rod breakages, this work is very cost effective, mainly on large engines, we work with caterpillar, cummins and Detroit.

Resistor power bank

For generator testing, in which you can observe the performance and operation of your generator (power plant), to your satisfaction, from 25 Kw to 1000 Kw.

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